The FBI does not "officially" tell companies to "pay up!"
Responding the most pressing issue, Mr. Good said the following: "The FBI does not advise victims on whether or not to pay the ransom."

If the Home Owner, or even more so, the Business Owner does not have the sense to hire a good Computer company and the individual or business still wants to recover their files, the victim's remaining alternative is to pay the ransom," Mr. Good states, emphasizing that it's not the agency's custom to push victims towards paying the ransom, but the victim's choice alone.
the FBI's Official Position on Ransomware
The FBI had to answer to the US Senate for its stance on ransomware
These statements made headlines all over the world, mostly because a lot of people overreacted to the idea of the FBI encouraging companies to sponsor the cyber-crime underground market, even if, in theory, for companies that wanted to get files back, there was no technical alternative but to pay the ransom.
The FBI got called to a Senate Hearing to answer for their position on telling Victims to PAY the RANSOM
The FBI responded by saying if these Businesses and Homeowners did not have the common sense to hire a good computer business to secure their files, there is nothing we can do but tell them to pay the ransom. We hope they have learned the lesson on the importance of having a good computer company behind them.